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Access Control

Do you want to increase the level of security in your company? Take advantage of our offer of access control systems in Derby. We increase security on the premises of plants, corporations, companies, buildings. We limit access to specific rooms. We give access to employees, tenants, household members, including limiting the rights: we specify specific hours, days, months. Permissions are assigned to cards, access cards, codes, fingerprints, irises.

Designing an access control system Derby

The design of control systems requires detailed security deployment plans. It is necessary to check the number of entrances, the number of employees. And determine the preferred permissions for employees.
Professional planning of the access control installation in the office will allow us to verify the entry and exit of people, full control of the facility.

What can you gain from the control system?

– Safe, well-thought-out control system plan
– Verification of employees’ working time
– Expandable system at any time or as needed
– Individual adjustment of functionality and appearance to customer requirements.
– Full security of your facility.

Top quality Service In Security industry

We have been dealing with security engineering since 2006. Customers who know us know that their loyalty is mutual, our standards are the NSI Gold level, but a small family company focused on tightening relationships generates small expenses which allows us to maintain high standards at reasonable prices. We focus on an individual approach to each client, it is important for us to maintain mutual relations, because we know that our clients provide us with the cheapest and most effective advertising.

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When a client asks, “Why should we hire you over everyone else?” my answer is simple: “Don’t ask me, ask our customers. We operate in the industry of security  engineering, which consists in securing property. installing very complex systems and presenting them in a simple way. Call our clients and see if they are willing to serve as third party references for our work. I think you will be more than happy with what they tell you. ” We provide professional services at a good price. Do you think that it is impossible to combine quality with a reasonable price? We have been successfully implementing this assumption for several years. Join the group of customers who have already found out about it.


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