Surveillance Servers

Aksa Security VMS server are optimized to take full advantage of Wisenet WAVE’s unsurpassed usability, complete scalability, and ease of implementation. Each server comes with 4 Professional Recording licenses for fast and easy deployment.

We create servers with passion and full commitment. Each of our servers is built with a large supply of specifications. thus allowing for later expansion as the company grows.

We build and configure our servers to meet your needs. And they wouldn’t cost too much either. our experience was based on servers from such companies as Honeywell Adpro IFT, Avigilon Server and Hanwha Wisenet Wave. We tried to collect as many good sites as possible from the above and eliminate the negative ones.

What makes our servers different from others? all machines are delivered pre-configured with the possibility of remote support. we use components of well-known and proven brands, which minimizes service and repair time. We build our servers based on Linux systems, which ensures stability, security and reliability for many yea

When building our servers, we were guided by the following functions:

  • We wanted the server to support the largest possible number of cameras, different brands, and to support the largest number of functions.
  • receive a technical support and be systematically updated.
    • combine all servers into a common complex;
    • possibility of creating its individual configuration;
    • OS stability while a server is running 24/7;

    Please see Our first Result DR 31P


    • Processor AMD Ryzen 5 4.2 GHz.
    • RAM Kingston FURY Beast 16GB DDR4 expandable up to 64GB.
    • Motherboard Gigabyte A520M S2H.
    • HDMI and DVI outputs.
    • 250GB M2 SSD for operating system.
    • 6 TB HDD for Data expandable up to 24TB.
    • 2 x NIC Cards 1GB.
    • 31 cameras capacity with 4 full professional license on Board to start with.
    • Operation system Ubuntu Linux 22.04LTS.

    Compatible Cameras:

    • ACTi
    • Advidia
    • Alibi
    • Amcrest
    • Arecont Vision
    • Avigilon
    • Axis
    • Bosch
    • Digital Watchdog
    • GeoVision
    • Hanwha Techwin (Samsung)
    • Hikvision
    • Honeywell
    • Hunt CCTV IC Realtime
    • Interlogix
    • InVid
    • Lorex
    • LTS
    • Merit Lilin
    • Milesight
    • Panasonic
    • Pelco
    • Sony
    • Speco
    • UniView
    • Vista
    • Vovotek
    • Winic

    these are just a few listed out of 936 manufacturers. For the full list please contact us directly.