HIKVISION Engineer Derbyshire

We provider

We provide professional installation and configuration of Hikvision Systems. integration of systems so as to harmonize with alarm and fire protection systems. We integrate data analysis and artificial intelligence settings with ARC.
We also deal with all kinds of problems related to the operation of these systems, data flow problems, optimization of settings.
We help wit optimization the use of AcuSense technology can reduce false alarms by up to 90%, thanks to which it can significantly reduce the costs incurred with the need to travel to the scene and disable the alarm. This technology is aimed at demanding people who are aware of the possibilities that can be obtained using intelligent AI functions in IP cameras.

AcuSense series cameras can inform an intruder that he has entered the premises using a strobe light generated from an LED. In addition, models with a built-in microphone and loudspeaker offer two-way communication, allowing, for example, communication in an underground tunnel, where the monitoring operator / construction manager can issue audio commands through the camera's loudspeaker.