Intruder alarm repair Derby

Red Blue Security specialising in repair, maintenance, service and fault finding Texecom Premier, Premier Elite, Veritas range Alarm system. With over 18 years of experience, we manage to install this piece of equipment on small, medium, and large sites. Integrating with the existing devises-systems.

With company Founded Dec 15, 1986, the product has come a long way, from the original product, which was Veritas through medium advanced to advanced, which is certainly Premier Elite. We have been with them from an early age until today. However, like everything else even those systems need to regular maintain, and sometimes it will come up with the fault, that simple reset will not help with. That is the time when you should call us, we’re fascinate about that product and we know, everything about it. Over the years, we have also learned that everyone is different and has different needs. It was also us who decided to meet this by gaining experience, with systems from the Honeywell Galaxy or Orisec family, in which we also feel confident.


Alarm systems not only effectively increase the security of our property, but also improve the comfort of using the facility equipped with an appropriate security system. No wonder that alarm systems are more and more commonly installed not only in commercial buildings, but also in single-family homes and apartments. Choosing an alarm system suitable for a given facility is very important in the context of the effectiveness of its operation. Therefore, it is worth checking what the market offers – gain basic knowledge in this topic and review the most popular solutions. It will also be necessary to consult a professional whom we will entrust with the installation of the alarm system.